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Notable for being first of the "witch disease" episodes, a plot devise used many times later, this episode is a milestone for its original idea but is surprisingly lackluster and cluttered in execution.

After coming in contact with Black Peruvian roses, pregnant Samantha develops green squares and is in desperate need of a cure! Enter Aunt Clara who, after a brief bout of befuddlement, seems to know exactly what is needed to remove the pesky spots thereby sending Darrin in search of necessary ingredients. Unfortunately, all the momentum built up gradually tires as the episode soon becomes scattered by scenes which are too long (the "Hat Lady" business) and/or unfocused (Gladys and Abner.) Also, strangely confusing is a quirky scene at the apothecary's (it's never made clear exactly where or what this place is) and another later at the police station when the sergeant inexplicably DEMANDS to see what's in Darrin's bag! Moments like this ring false as they try too hard to get laughs.

In shooting around Liz's real life pregnancy, director Bill Asher seems to have tried to cover up the lack of her physical involvement by over-stuffing the episode with too many scenes, too many characters...none of them particularly outstanding or funny. Worth watching for Aunt Clara fans

©Review Copyright 1998 by SCOTT VIETS

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