Imaginative time travel episode makes the most of an interesting plot with wonderful production values and fun performances, especially by Liz and Dick when they're in "Darrin-the-Bold" mode. Dick York gets a chance to show off his randy, frisky side that Darrin never gets to show with the aid of a padded suit and a Beatles wig while Liz seems to relish being in period costume, changing her entire demeanor and tone to perfectly fit a young Irish lass.The stark contrast between the 14th century and 1966 is perfectly realized in a quick edit that goes from Darrin the Bold chasing Sam around the table to Gerry chasing Darrin around the living room table (accompanied by funky discotechque music!)

Speaking of music, there's a strange change in the music that accompanies the "written by/directed by" credit bill after the opening. This jazzy, electric guitar rendition of "Bewitched" was only used for two episodes but here seems a strange choice considering the medieval tone of this particular episode.

FAVE QUOTE: Endora: "Once you go back in time, you won't be able to use your witchcraft...you have only your WITS to rely on!
Sam: "Well, I realize that it's a RISK but that's a chance I'll have to take!"

GUEST STARS: Kathleen Nolan was the original Wendy in Mary Martin's "Peter Pan" on Broadway.
Michael Ansara was married to Barbara Eden when he filmed this.
Jean Blake in later episodes graduates to the role "Betty," Darrin's secretary.

LOOK FOR: In the opening scene, Liz re-dubbed her voice (badly) on the line "I should think you'd be curious to meet someone from Daribrien" AND also in the living room scene after the opening credits on the line, "How about a cup of tea?"
Towards the end, on the lines "...the cat's away the mouse will play" AND "I won't go back until I have positive proof" check out Gerry's dress inexplicably being blown by a "breeze" IN THE LIVING ROOM -- interesting to note these two shots are the same camera set-up used for Rufus' soon-to-be entrance via...WIND MACHINE!

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