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Betty, Betty, so fair and so true... how could there have been so MANY OF YOU?!?

Bewitched is world renowned for the famous 1969 transition between Dick York and Dick Sargent as Darrin Stephens. Not only did the show use two different Darrins, but two different Gladys Kravitzs, Louise Tates, Frank Stephens, and lets not get into how many babies played little Tabitha! However, one thing that has rarely been mentioned while standing around the water cooler is how many Bettys ran the outer office of McMann and Tate Advertising throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

Meet the Bettys:


Jill Foster was the ultimate Betty, as she's appeared in more seasons than any other Betty throughout Bewitched. Jill made her debut in season 2 and lasted all the way through season 5! Although some have come close, Jill has made more appearances than any other Betty.

Things to know about this Betty:
• Her favorite aunt is a cocktail waitress
• Her close friend Phoebe Perkins works for a client of McMann and Tate.
• This was the only Betty to set foot inside the Stephen's home (as Betty)!
• She has several last names: In 1966 she was a Schaeffer, while in 1967 she was a Willis, and finally by 1968 she was a Wilson. Apparently while not in the office, she was finding new husbands!
• In real life, Jill Foster was married to Bewitched writer and script consultant, Bernard Slade.

Episodes featuring Jill Foster:
#44: "My Boss the Teddy Bear"

#59: "Double Tate"
#67: "Follow That Witch" (Part II) See Picture
#97: "I Remember You...Sometimes"
#104: "How to Fail in Business With All Kinds Of Help"
#112: "Cheap, Cheap!"
#120: "The Solid Gold Mother-In-Law" See Picture
#139: "Man of the Year"

#153: "Instant Courtesy"

"Phoebe is a gossip, but
she's a reliable gossip!"

Jill Foster in Bewitched #67:
"Follow That Witch" (Part II)

"I think I'd better get it (the perfume
in her hand) out of the building!"

Jill Foster in Bewitched #120:
"Solid Gold Mother-In-Law"




Sharon made only almost as many appearances as Jill Foster, in a much shorter time span than she - in the first and second seasons of Bewitched. The episodes she appeared in are by far some of the best episodes of the series.

Things to know about this Betty:
• She likes to wear dresses two sizes too small, to appeal to Darrin.
• Her last name is Thatcher.

Episodes featuring Sharon DeBord:
#30: "George the Warlock"
#38: "A Very Special Delivery"
#46: "Junior Executive"
#50: "Speak the Truth" See Picture
#52: "The Magic Cabin"

"Just once, I thought it would be
nice if you noticed I was a woman."

Sharon DeBord in Bewitched #50:
"Speak The Truth"






Alice played Betty in only one episode of Bewitched, not one of the more memorable ones. She, on the other hand, is memorable!

Things to know about This Betty:
• Her birth certificate was incorrect. This poor Betty has wandered the streets for years believing that she was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Darrin, feeling lucky, confirms for her that she was born in St. Paul instead.
• Before she was a Betty, she played Mrs. Grumbacher, described by Samantha to Gladys Kravitz in episode #29 as the biggest gossip in the neighborhood!

Episodes to feature Alice Backes:
#04: "Mother, Meet What's His Name" -
Mrs. Grumbacher, Samantha's Neighbor See Picture
#16: "It's Magic" -
Mrs. Grumbacher, Samantha's Neighbor
#73: "The Girl with the Golden Nose" See Picture

"Hello mother. I have to ask you
something you make think is a
little weird..."

Alice Backes in Bewitched #73:
"The Girl With The Golden Nose"

Alice Backes (left) with Hollis Irving,
as part of the Welcome Wagon
committee in Bewitched #04:
"Mother, Meet What's His Name"



Heather made her debut in a Bewitched classic, episode #101 - "The Crone Of Cawdor", but only lasted for 3 episodes. She must have been so spooked by the rain pouring on Darrin while he was standing inside his office in episode #103, that she could not return to work. (Her facial expressions are priceless!)

Things to know about This Betty:
• Heather played Betty in episode #103, yet she is not even credited while having made a wonderful performance as the spooked secretary.

Episodes featuring Heather Woodruff:
#101: The Crone of Cawdor
#102: "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
#103: "It's Wishcraft"
See Pictures

"Mr. Stephens! You're being rained on!"

"It's not raining outside!
It's raining inside! On you!"

Heather Woodruff in Bewitched #103:
"It's Wishcraft"



Irene was a Betty only a few times, seasons 6 and 8.

Betty's generally are petite, with their cute little voices, cute hair, and do just as Larry and Darrin ask. This Betty breaks all those office rules with a deep voice, and the audacity to tell Larry his wishes are a little odd!

Things to know about this Betty:
• As noted in Irene's appearances list below, this Betty has appeared in other Bewitched episodes. Funny how Darrin didn't notice his own secretary was on the flight to Salem, Massachusetts with him!
• This Betty enjoys a well balanced meal full of protein, including orange juice, bacon, eggs straight up, sweet rolls, and coffee.
• Irene has appeared in 4 episodes of Bewitched. The odd part is is that her name is spelled differently in some episodes. For instance, she is credited as Irene Byatt in "Darrin the Warlock", and Irenee Byatt in "The Salem Saga".

Episodes featuring Irene Byatt:
#181: "Darrin the Warlock" See Picture
#225: "Samantha's Psychic Slip" - Not as Betty, but as the woman with the mirror

Episodes featuring Irenee Byatt:
#203: "The Salem Saga" - The confused passenger on the airplane See Picture
#247: "Serena's Youth Pill"

"Mr. Tate, why do you want to know
what I had for breakfast?"
Irene Byatt in Bewitched #181:
"Darrin The Warlock"

Spooked by Endora flying
on the wing of the plane

Irenee Byatt in Bewitched #201:
"The Salem Saga"




This is not a picture from The Bob Newhart show! This is Marcia Wallace before she was Bob Newhart's secretary, better yet, before she was the voice of Bart Simpson's school teacher! Maybe McMann and Tate is where she received all of her formal training before those other roles. There is a lot to be learned from guest starring on Bewitched!

Episodes featuring Marcia Wallace:
#227: "Laugh Clown, Laugh" See Picture

Betty, suffering through one
of Darrin's terrible jokes
Marcia Wallace in Bewitched #227:
"Laugh Clown, Laugh"




Samantha Scott debuted in Bewitched's final season, but didn't stick around until the end.

She was a very quiet and timid Betty, who was easily made nervous. Perhaps she felt out staged by Julie Newmar's special appearance in episode #240. Or maybe she had an identity crisis...being a runner up to the real Samantha of Bewitched !

Episodes featuring Samantha Scott:
#239: "The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit" See Picture
#240: "The Eight Year Itch Witch"

There's a man out in the reception
room, and I can't seem to get rid of
him... He's pretty weird!"
Samantha Scott in Bewitched #239:
"The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit"



Emily sadly enough, was the final Betty, making a brief appearance in a rather bland final episode of the series.

Things to know about This Betty:
• This Betty steals the dialogue of an earlier Betty, Sharon DeBord, syllable by syllable! Her only episode is a remake of #50. She, like Sharon DeBord's Betty, likes to wear dresses two sizes too small, to appeal to Darrin. The only difference between their characters is Emily's Betty is not a Thatcher, like Sharon's Betty.

Episodes featuring Emily Banks:
"The Truth and Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Sam"

"Just once, I thought it would be
nice if you noticed I was a woman."
Emily Banks in Bewitched #254:
"The Truth and Nothing but the
Truth, So Help Me Sam"


Yes, it's true! On occasion, for small rolls of Betty where you'd only hear her voice, our own Liz would step in and play the roll. Although you cannot see her, you hear Liz playing the part of Betty through Darrin's office intercom system in both episode #88: "Samantha for the Defense" and episode #159: "Samantha the Sculptress".

Episodes featuring Elizabeth Montgomery as Betty:
#88: "Samantha for the Defense" - Hear audio clip
#159: "Samantha the Sculptress"
- Hear audio clip

With talented Betty's such as these, good help is so easy to find!

For my good friend Vic of "Vic's Bewitched Page" - June 2005, Charles Abel

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