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"Bewitched" and "Tabitha" on TV Land!

They're back! And TV Land has them! Starting in November, TV Land will be airing the Bewitched spinoff: Tabitha; starring Lisa Hartman and Robert Urich! Although not a classic by any means the show is a novelty in as much as familiar characters from the original series Bewitched do make appearances. Doctor Bombay (Bernard Fox) and Abner and Gladys Kravitz (George Tobias and Sandra Gould) are featured in a couple of episodes. Although Tabitha is not played by Erin Murphy, Lisa Hartman is cute in her own way. In 1977 Erin was only 13 when the series went into production. Adam was played by David Ankrum. The show never even lasted a full season. My favorite part of the show is hearing the same sound effects used in Bewitched for some of the magic. Check your listings for times.

TV Land will began to show Bewitched on a regular basis in June 2003! They began at 9:00 AM on May 31st with a marathon of 75 episodes! TV Land is still showing the remastered black and white versions, although they are slightly trimmed for more commercials.

Even bigger news; Columbia/TriStar has announced that Bewitched will be released on DVD in 2005 to coincide with the theatrical movie. Slated to play Samantha is Nicole Kidman and Will Farrell will be Darrin. Japan is releaseing the first season on DVD in December 2003; season two in January; and season three in February!

Stay tuned for more exciting Bewitched News!

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