Chevy Logo

Click on the Chevy Logo to hear the 1968 Opening!

NOTE: This page is graphic heavy and takes time to load.
This was done to give a better view of the Chevrolet cartoon.

strip one
The opening animation begins with the Chevrolet logo & the Announcer: "Chevrolet presents"... the logo quickly disolves into the moon...
the cartoon witch swoops by displaying the show's title...& returns to disolve it...

strip two

the theme plays as the familiar cartoon unfolds...

strip three

strip four

strip five

strip six

After the smoky credits fade we see Samantha & Darrin flying on a broom...Sam zaps the broom into the chevrolet logo...
the Announcer returns: "Be smart, be sure with a '68 Chevrolet"

Bewitched '68 Chevrolet Promo

Download the 1968 Chevrolet commercial tag that ran before the end credits.

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