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Cover Up starring Jon-Erik Hexum & Jennifer O'Neill

DVD Now Available!

Here's your chance to own all of Jon-Erik Hexum's appearances on the TV series "Cover Up." They were professionally transferred from the original 16mm films! There are no commercials and no voice overs interrupting the end credits. Each DVD comes in the full color boxes pictured below. You can even make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! Just click on the buttons. New lower prices! Postage in the US and to Canada is now included. Foreign orders must email me for postage. .

Death In Vogue/Million Dollar Face - DVD cover


DVD NUMBER ONE-- - Price ...$35.00

Episode #1: "Death In Vogue"
(airdate: September 29, 1984) Mac and Dani (Jon-Erik Hexum, Jennifer O'Neill) go to Italy to stop a vengeful cop (Hoyt Axton) from killing the cagey diplomat he suspects of murdering his daughter.

Guest Cast:
Eric Duquesne ... Tristan Rogers
Gretchen ... Ingrid Anderson
Ashley ... Dana Sparks
Billie ... Irena Ferris

Episode #2: "Million Dollar Face"
(airdate: October 6, 1984) A former model now with the syndicate asks Dani (Jennifer O'Neill) for help in getting her children back from her mobster husband. Mac: Jon-Erik Hexum.

Guest Cast:
Christie ... Shelly Smith
Allan Crossland ... Gary Lockwood
Dante ... Andrew Prine
Milton ... Henry GibsonHaper Gate/Nothing to Lose - DVD cover
Jourdan ... Hari Rhodes

DVD NUMBER TWO-- - Price ...$35.00

Episode #3: "Harper Gate"
(airdate: October 13, 1984) Mac's girlfriend (Heather McNair) is the innocent victim in a plot involving a microdata executive, and Mac (Jon-Erik Hexum) is charged with her murder. Henry: Richard Anderson. Billie: Irena Ferris.

Guest Cast:
Vanessa ... Shawn Southwick
Alex Kendell ... John Reilly
Tabbles ... Ben Piazza
Colber ... Phillip Richard Allen

Episode #5: "Nothing To Lose" (airdate: October 27, 1984) An elderly couple celebrate their 50th anniversary in Rome by becoming the dupes of diamond smugglers. Mac: Jon-Erik Hexum. Dani: Jennifer O'Neill. Ashley: Dana Sparks.

Guest Cast:
Virginia ... Jeanette Nolan
Graham ... Noah Beery
Rico ... Daniel Faraldo
Alexander Belasco ... Vince EdwardsGolden Opportunity/Writer's Block - DVD cover

DVD NUMBER THREE-- - Price ...$35.00

Episode #6: "Golden Opportunity"
(airdate: November 3, 1984) An influential Floridian accused of embezzlement avoids prosecution by ensuring that the local police are in his pocket. Mac: Jon-Erik Hexum. Dani: Jennifer O'Neill.

Guest Cast:
Lewis Upton ... John Beck
Norman McClafferty ... Nicholas Pryor
Manny ... Sal Viscuso
Ralph ... Dick Durock

Episode #7: "Writer's Block"

Efrem Zimbalis Jr. guests stars as a writer with amnesia being chased by syndicate criminals. This episode introduces Antony Hamilton as Jack Stryker, replacing Jon-Erik Hexum. Hexum tribute closes the episode.


DVD NUMBER FOUR-- -Price ... $30.00
(airdate: September 22, 1984) 2 hour Premiere episode. Jennifer O'Neill plays Dani Reynlods, whose career as a fashion photographer is a cover for espionage. In the opener, Dani enlists former Green Beret Mac Harper (Jon-Erik Hexum) to pose as her model on a case that's especially important to Dani: the investigation of her diplomat husband's murder. Also included is a brief "coming soon" promo!Cover Up - Premiere DVD cover

Guest Cast:
George LeMare ... Louis Jordan
Merilee Tatlor ... Mary Crosby
Mason Carter ... Robert Webber
Cal Tillis ... Doug McClure
Joe Carlos ... Joe Santos

This is DVD was taken from a television broadcast. The quality is an 8 out of 10. It comes in the DVD box pictured at right.

DVD NUMBER FIVE-- -Price ... $25.00
Episode #4: "Sudden Exposure"
(airdate: October 20, 1984) Dani and Mac (Jennifer O'Neill, Jon-Erik Hexum) travel to Central America to help an American woman who was framed for the murder of a filmaker. Henry: Richard Anderson.Sudden Exposure- DVD cover
Guest Cast:
Beorgia ... Loyita Chapel
Lupul ... Henry Darrow
Bo Watson ... Clu Gulager
Holly ... Rosalind Ingledew

This is DVD was taken from a television broadcast. The quality is an 8 out of 10. It comes in the DVD box pictured at right.

The Making of A Male Model - DVD cover
"The Making of A Male Model"-- -Price ... $35.00

(airdate: October 9, 1983) Tyler Burnett is a happy-go-lucky cowboy who finds himself at the top of new York's glamorous modeling world and in love with Kay Dillion (Joan Collins). Though Tyler has a girlfriend back home in Nevada, he soon falls in love with the domineering Kay, and watches his whole world change before his eyes.
The quality is a 10 out of 10. Complete unedited TV Movie encased in this DVD box.


HOTEL Video Cover
HOTEL: "Tomorrows"-- -Price ... $30.00
Jon-Erik Hexum makes a guest appearance as Prince Erik in this charming "Cinderella" vignette. Emma Samms is Kathleen a pretty personal assitant of a wealthy Mrs. Jenks portrayed by Anne Jeffreys. When Kathleen stops in the Hotel's flower shop, she immediately attracts the Prince's attention and is invited to the Gala Ball. On hearing this news her employer tries to discourage thier meeting, hoping to have her own daughter become the object of the Prince's affection. Victoria Cabot (Anne Baxter), Hotel's Grand Dame takes on the role of Fairy Godmother. In keeping with tradition - "all is well, that ends well" in this 1984 episode of "Hotel".

Rounding out the cast are starring regulars; James Brolin and Connie Sellecca and guests; Adrienne Barbeau, Philip Coccioletti, Timothy Patrick Murphy and Robert Sterling. The quality is a 10 out of 10. Complete unedited TV Movie encased in the DVD box pictured.

Mysteries and Scandals

E! Mysteries and Scandals - DVD cover
"E! Mysteries and Scandals"-- -Price ... $30.00
E! Entertainment Television looks into the tragic loss of up and coming super star Jon-Erik Hexum. His death as a result of a prop gunshot wound ended his promising acting career. Friends, co-stars and realitives are interviewed in this 1999 documentary.
Hosted by A.J. Benza. Interviews include: Jennifer O'Neill, Meeno Peluce, Richard Anderson, E.G. Daily, Eric Paulsen, Alan Carell, and photographers Christie Jenkins and Lennon. Running time: 22 minutes. PLUS THIS BONUS! A 6 minute Entertainment Tonight! segment and a rare 15 minute interview with Jon-Erik from 1984!

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing these DVDs, email me at for addtional shipping information. "Voyagers!" episodes and all Jon-Erik photos are also available.Hexum Photos .