Episode Number Four introduces one of the most popular "Bewitched" plot devices: Turning live clients into animals and an impending job threat for Darrin. It also introduces us to Larry and Louise Tate and also provides Sam & Darrin their first fight (of many!)

This has never been one of my favorites episodes but Jack Warden is indeed very good in it -- and none more so than when he's changed back into human form after a night at the doggie beauty spa only to find himself all "ruffled." The first glimpse of him with that ribbon in his perm is hysterical! The character of Mr. Barker (get it...?!) is quite the repulsive, alcoholic, sexual harrasser but somehow Warden keeps it playful enough to where you don't end up totally despising him. In fact, we almost end up despising DARRIN for not defending Sam in the first place!

The fight between Darrin & Sam is well-warranted on Sam's behalf and she proves in this episode that she's fit for ANYONE. When Darrin suggests getting his pillow and re-joining Sam in the bedroom, it is totally unexpected when Sam says "That won't be necessary" but we're glad she does -- Darrin shouldn't get off that easy.

Grace Lee Whitney (from "Star Trek") has a cute part, the "twitch" sound effect is getting closer to what it will eventually become and Liz's look is remarkably different (check out those MAJOR eyelashes and eyeliner...a little too severe, if you ask me! But Vic loves the look!)

LOOK FOR:Liz's hair changing from unkept to combed when she's in the alley with the police.

OOPS!:Darrin's punch at Barker misses him by oh...about a MILE!!!

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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