Quirky little episode finds Louise Tate pregnant, Samantha NOT, Larry and Darrin thinking Sam IS, and Darrin daydreaming about what life would be like IF he and Sam had witchlets. Got it?

The show does well in spite of its start…seeing the cityscape from Sam’s backyard – and despite Samantha’s careless use of witchcraft to zap up a pool when she’s trying so hard to be mortal…but I won’t go on anymore about that (until later!)… Chalk it up to First Season Rookie Experimentation!

This rather good episode actually picks up with the Bewitched hallmark of great writing -- very imaginative storyline – but (at least here in the first season, a little slow in execution) another first season episode where the plot is inventive but the “rules” are out of place.

What we have here is an highly enjoyable mistaken situation which culminates in a brilliantly filmed scene where Darrin daydreams about having witches for children. With every stereotype in mind, his (imagined) children are flying on broomsticks, wearing pointed hats and black capes and wriggling their noses (Maureen McCormick from “Brady Bunch” making a wonderful debut!) in such a cute fashion that one has to wonder if it would be so bad to have witches for children!

David White and Dick York are wonderful in this in all their sincere confusion (especially when they give flowers to Sam and ignore Louise) and it’s obvious that the entire Bewitched team KNEW what seeds they were sowing – an impending child for Darrin and Samantha in the next season.

But in reviewing these episodes with the whole series in mind, it’s a little hard to get past the idea that Mrs. Kravitz would be able to see the back yard of the Stephenses from HER front yard! BUT…in the context of these first season episodes, much needs to be forgiven, in realization as to why the show was a hit from the start.

I think, in hindsight, one needs to forgive the continuity problems -the fence around the pool– (obviously the same pool used at the Columbia Ranch!) – and get past Samantha egging on Mrs. Kravitz (as if almost deliberately trying to drive her crazy) and you’ll find all the elements as to why Bewitched was the biggest hit of the 1964 season.

Is it a great episode? Of course not. But, was it great when it was first aired? Most definitely. Much needs to be forgiven for shows in their first season – and this one, while perhaps straying by the rules as we know them a bit in hindsight, lays the foundation for great character, plot structure and…an entertaining time.

MELODY WATCH: That’s Melody on the trampoline at the end.

NOTE: One of the fictional child-witch’s name is “Rebecca” – a name Elizabeth herself would choose for her first baby girl – five years later.

LISTEN FOR: For some strange reason, the end credits music needed to be spliced (and not very well) so it would play longer. The credits seem to hold an especially longer time on the cast as well as the page with the director of photography. Why is uncertain. Perhaps the episode itself was 30 seconds shorter and they needed to fill the air time. This is unusual as it is the first and only time this occurs in its entire eight season run.

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