Yagazuze! Riotous comedy comes with Paul Lynde's first appearance as Arthur, Sam's practical joking Uncle who tricks Darrin into thinking he, too, can perform witchcraft with nothing but a little duck call, a little cowbell and a lot of "Zooma Hooga Pitts!"

The invention of the Uncle Arthur character is a fabulous addition to the already colorful roster of Sam's relatives and the casting of Paul Lynde is pure genius. He lights up a room making every intentionally bad joke all the more funnier with his dry delivery and a twist of camp -- it's unique to him and unique to the show. Accustomed to usually stealing every scene he's in, Lynde has met his match here in Dick York! Funnily enough, it is York who is really responsible for most of this episode's laugh-your-butt-off moments: Darrin learning to "sing" the incantation for the first time and his later "performance" in front of Sam and Endora are classic "Bewitched" moments! York's Darrin is so multi-dimensional (check him out in the beginning ENJOYING Endora's popping in) and so believable because he's never afraid to just let go and be wild -- what a joy to watch!

Other highlights include: Arthur appearing as a cleaning woman (while looking more like Anthony Perkins in "Psycho!"); Endora getting a serious eyeful of dessert (ouch! -- kudos to Aggie for being such a good sport!); Darrin explaining that his "Zumazuze Vim!" is giving Endora what she's been asking for all along as Sam innocently responds, "Mother, have you been asking for THAT?;" and remembering this is at the height of 1965 Beatlemania, Endora's timely (and hip!) reference to Ringo Starr!

Everybody SING: "We all live in a Yagazuze Zim, a Yagazuze Zim, a Yagazuze Zim!" (sorry, Beatles!)

FAVE QUOTE: Sam: "Darrin hasn't been himself all day!"
Endora: "How fortunate for you."

©Review Copyright 1998 by SCOTT VIETS

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