As one of the better Halloween segments, "Trick or Treat" has so many inventive elements it stands out as more than just a "Very Special Halloween Episode"...it's good enough to eat all year round! Taking an unusually atmospheric approach in the opening scene with dark shadows, eerie music and the ominous appearance of Endora materializing BEHIND Darrin & Samantha's headboard (a brilliant touch!), we know we're in for something a little bit different here.

Though written by different writers, this story takes a natural progression from where "The Witches Are Out" left off -- this time with Darrin just as sensitive and ferociously protective of the witch image as if he were a witch himself! Darrin's attack on Larry, referring to the box of decorations delivered to Sam, is touching in its strong defense: "They're obscene...we wouldn't have them in the house!" In fact, this entire episode owes much of its spirit to Dick York's performance which is masterful throughout and even downright brilliant as he progresses from a slightly annoyed, slightly hairy man to a full-fledged pillow-chompin' woolly beast!

All the performances here are top notch: Endora (looking especially beautiful) shows a rare, apologetic side after Samantha (looking especially pregnant) delivers one of "Bewitched's" finest speeches ever: "You're behaving exactly like their stereotype witch and you're doing it to the one person who was willing to believe we were different!" A true goosebump moment. Maureen McCormick as L'il Endora is perfectly cast with just the right mix of adorable child/wicked imp and delivers one of the funniest lines: "Whaddya got?! Looks like JUNK to me, mister!" And great reactions by the Tates and the clients as Darrin goes berserk all make this one huge cauldron with a little dash of everything for everyone.

GUEST STARS: Maureen McCormick makes her second "Bewitched" appearance here before becoming a TV icon herself.

LOOK FOR: Maureen's pronunciation of "WhereWoof."
Sam, surrounded by packs of cigarettes fills up a cigarette case -- something we had never seen her do before or since but ironically seen doing this at (of all times) while she's PREGNANT.

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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