Conjuring up party clothes for Darrin and Samantha to wear to a cocktail outing, Aunt Clara either had a wicked sense of humor or was channeling Gypsy Rose Lee during her incantation. Faster than you can say "Hey, Big Spender!" the garments are doing a striptease and turning Darrin and Sam into two very popular party guests!

If the current fashion trend of wearing underwear as streetwear is a turn-off to you, don't blame Calvin Klein, Marky-Mark or Antonio Sabata Jr. With this episode we have proof that the grandaddy of all boxer-baring poster boys is none other than...DICK YORK??? Strutting his stuff as if he were Too-Sexy-For-His-Suit, York proves to be 30 years ahead of his time as he shows all of TV Land that not a whole lot comes between him and his Calvins.*

Besides hardcore York fans getting their money's worth here (you know who you are and sorry, no...he did not ever pose for a calendar) this episode should also appeal to just about anyone who loves Aunt Clara, who is impishly cute throughout and leaves one wondering if maybe she really DID know what she was doing! Dick "Hey, Nutsy!" Wilson is at his drunken best while director William Asher keeps the pace humming nicely with tight editing and smooth special effects, especially the levitation of Dick Wilson (impressive!)

FAVE QUOTE: Montegue the Drunk: "...First he had on these fancy tights and a big sword like Richard Burton!"

GUEST STARS: Max Showalter (Mr. Barlow) appeared film versions of "The Music Man" and "Bus Stop" as well as "Sixteen Candles" and "10" in the 1980's.
Hardie Albright (Judge) was the voice of Bambi in Walt Disney's 1942 animated classic "Bambi" (!)

* SIGN OF THE TIMES: Though the sight of boxers and a t-shirt is laughably tame in today's world where practically anything goes on television (usually clothing first!), this was not something you saw every day on 1960's television. In fact up until the mid 1970's, women's bra commercials were forbidden to show live models and demonstrated on mannequins instead until Jane Russell and her "full-figured gals" were finally given the go-ahead to show it all...or bust! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

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