Milestone episode introduces Tabitha into the Stephens family and adds another relative to the roster, one who will prove to be one of "Bewitched's" most popular characters ever: Samantha's identical cousin, Serena.

Sam and Darrin finally have their baby and what a heartwarming celebration they have. Managing to find plenty of time for jokes (mostly involving guest star Eve Arden), William Asher has once again superbly taken the time to concentrate on the warm moments that can occur between people during important moments in their lives. "Bewitched" is always so good at capturing simple yet important human moments and it's no more beautifully focused than in the impromptu cry and hug Darrin and Endora exchange as they get caught up in their exhilaration. When Endora eggs Darrin on a bit and then sweetly says "I was just teasing," it's a rare Endora/Darrin moment that makes these characters all the more real and multi-dimensional to us. Ditto the scene between Darrin and Samantha when they just sit there quietly and keep saying "A girl. A girl. A baby girl." The dialogue seems almost unscripted and spontaneous -- so real in fact that you almost feel like a voyeur invading in on the couple's private moment. Truly touching.

It's fun to see the origination of Serena who, much like Tabitha, is in HER infancy -- still unpolished around the edges, Montgomery seems to play her a bit tentatively but that's part of the charm since we all know what the character will eventually become. Eve Arden is a wonderful presence in this episode as Nurse Kelton, one of those wonderful comediennes who can make anything funny and is definitely worthy of Samantha's comment to Endora, "Mother, I think you've met your match!" Endora's final good deed of "one good turn deserves another" is a sweet cap on a perfectly charming episode.

FAVE QUOTE:Nurse Kelton: "Where am I?"
Serena: "Might've known she'd say something cliche!"

LOOK FOR: The paintings in Serena's room in the opening scene are the paintings usually seen in Larry Tate's office.

GERALD WATCH: He's a proud papa looking at babies through the glass wall with Darrin. (See a photo of this in "The Other York" section on Vic's Page Two!)

NOTE: A character named Dr. Anton is listed in the credits as being played by Mason Curry but there is no Dr. Anton in the episode. Ironically, the character of Dr. Anton does appear in Episode #174, centered around the impending birth of Adam!

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