Taking itself way too seriously in an effort to incorporate every Irish folklore, myth, legend and stereotype into an already long half-hour, this episode comes across more tedious than charming.

While the concept of featuring a leprechaun is indeed imaginative and novel, things don't seem so "grand" after a head-spinning bombardment of silly plot (pot o' gold hidden in a fireplace that's been trekked across the Atlantic), dumb rules (Sam can't move leprechaun gold if it has a charm on it!), and things that make you go "Huh?!" (leprechauns won't lend their image to commercial enterprises...What?!?!) Throw in constant jokes about how much the Irish love their booze and you've got yourself rooting for the English all the way!

In fact there are so many things in this episode that make you go "huh?!" that you might need a pint of guiness or two just to make sense of it all: Sam pops into a jail cell in her negligee, the client (Mr. Robinson) wields a gun, Brian claims to have been "Official Leprechaun to Queen
Victoria"and Mr. Robinson reveals that his great-grandfather was a Mahoney, too, thereby making him... oh, forget it...eat a bowl of Lucky Charms instead, it's easier.

©Review Copyright 1998 by SCOTT VIETS

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