Slight improvement over Part One finds Samantha giving Charlie Leach a little payback for his threats to expose her as a witch.

Still resembling a campy version of 1940's film noir, this episode fares slighty better than its predecessor as it features more of Darrin and Samantha and less irritating performances by Robert Strauss and Virginia Martin (see review #66.) Steve Franken ("Little Fisheyes") and Jack Collins turn in fine performances as does Renie Riano as Leach's landlady and Sam performs some rather nifty witchcraft (even if the coffee table does break before the lamp gets a chance to hit it!) Liz looks ravishing in this, especially in her flying suit, giving us an early preview as to the new glamour look she will be sporting in the upcoming color season.

At the end of this episode, Charlie Leach vows to return. Return he does four episodes later in "The Catnapper." I can wait.

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