The second part of the "Tabitha's a Witch!" trilogy is a perfect follow-up with Darrin actually discovering his daughter's powers. Diane plays Tabitha for most of the first half with Erin in close-ups and one is left to ask: Just what DOES Tabitha want with an ashtray?!?!

This is one of David White's best episodes. He's having a ball and his "drunk" scene is a classic. This is also Kasey Rogers' debut as Louise Tate and what a debut it is! She's sexy, young, pretty, natural and so at ease with the seasoned cast that one is hard pressed to remember "Irene Who?" She IS Louise, the perfect Louise to round out an already perfect cast.

Aunt Clara arrives via parachute in front of a very cheesy backdrop that makes Morning Glory Circle look like it's in the middle of Yellowstone National Park and exits foreshadowing the next episode with the line: Everybody in the family will soon be popping in to see Tabitha!"

FAVE QUOTE: Larry:"Pick a straight line, any line, anywhere and I'll walk it for you."
Darrin:"Why don't you walk from where you spilled the champagne to where you burned the table?"

LOOK FOR: That's a Flintstones "Pebbles" doll on Tabitha's toy shelf (did Sam bring it back from the time her animated doppleganger guested on Fred and Wilma's show?"

OOPS!: Strings can be seen very clearly on the saucepan that floats to Tabitha (a rare case of special effects sloppiness!)

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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