Funny and clever enough episode giving us a double dose of Jonathan Tate, some classic Aunt Clara (Sam: "What was that?" Clara: "Oh, you mean the noise like a baby gurgling?" Sam: "Yes." Clara: "I didn't hear it.") and lots of cute baby reactions...watch the twins playing Jonathan and Erin closely through this, they are so focused on the action and react and listen to the other actors so keenly that you believe they understand everything that's being said. Uncanny. Louise begins to show a bit of an edge in this (dare we say...attitude?!) and Sam does some nifty "instant party-planning" magic but the real fun may be in watching just how many times they switch Erin and Diane back and forth!

FAVE QUOTE: Louise: "Wow, that was some party!"
Larry: "Yeah, if that's what it was."
Louise: "What do you mean, "if that's what it was?""
Larry: "Well...what do YOU think it was?"
Louise: "I don't know...what WAS it?"

LOOK FOR: When the 3 babies are in the playpen watching Clara try to think of the spell, one of the Jonathan twins puts his arm around Tabitha...very precious!

OOPS!: When Clara bangs into the outside front door, the entire HOUSE moves!
For late night, that patio sure looks awfully sunny and bright!

DIANE WATCH: That's Diane in playpen when Darrin & Larry show "proud papa" pictures.
Darrin's holding Diane when he & Sam come out of kitchen to meet Louise (and then switches back to Erin after Sam "creates" patio party)
When Darrin is taking Tabitha to the den with Louise & Jonathan, it's Erin he takes there, then Diane we see actually IN the den and then Erin again when they come out.

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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