Look out! Endora's feathers are ruffled again but this time it's not Darrin who's at the receiving end of the bullet but her own BROTHER, an equally bitter Uncle Arthur who after having not been seen since "The Joker is a Card" decides to make his color debut by way of a new, ugly painting in the Stephens' hallway.

A marvelous showcase for Paul and Aggie, with caustic one-liners and insults bouncing off all the walls (which, by the way, are looking mighty cluttered these days...did Sam recently visit Martin Lowitz's Bargain Basement Blowout?!), Liz and Dick really have no other choice but to duck for cover while the two engage in some nasty name calling like "Charlie Charming," "Sally Sunshine," "Mother Hubbard," "Little Boy Blue," and that most hateful slur of all -- "Dimples." (Darrin: "Dimples?!?!") With Endora and Arthur shamelessly stealing every scene they're in, it's no wonder that halfway through the episode, Sam finally snaps-to (perhaps thinking "Wait a minute, this is MY show!) and delivers a perfectly worded (and beautifully executed) speech basically telling them to take their act on the road!

In her first episode as the new Mrs. Kravitz, Sandra Gould is eased unobtrusively into the shoes sadly vacated by the fabulous Alice Pearce, cleverly having her be seen without Abner first so as not to jar the viewers watching this originally. Unfortunately though, with the new actress has come a completely new character. What originally was a snoopy, harmless, skeptical, yet always adorably confused neighbor, Gladys has now suddenly morphed into an unpleasant shrieker who actually seems quite vicious in her dislike for Samantha. Though different, it does play well enough and now actually provides a mortal "villainess" for further plots and in that respect, Sandra Gould is perfectly cast.

With two wonderful comedic actors like Paul Lynde and Agnes Moorhead, the powers that be were inspired enough to realize that a mere 1/2 hour would not be nearly enough to unleash all their comic possibilities together. So temporarily putting their mud-slinging on hold, The Misery Twins cleverly end this episode with an oh-so-subtle plug to tune in to next week's special Halloween episode, which beautifully picks up right where this leaves off. Stay tuned!

FAVE QUOTE: Darrin: "I smell sulphur!"
Sam: "Probably something mother said. She can be VERY ACID!"

GUEST STARS: Paul Smith (Floyd) makes his first of many "Bewitched" police officer appearances. Arthur Adams (desk sergeant) will later play the Janitor whose son is a virtuoso pianist in "Samantha on the Keyboard."

DIANE WATCH: Diane opens the show as Tabitha in the playpen with the dancing bear. That's also Diane being held by Uncle Arthur when he comes into the house after their stroll to confront Endora.

OOPS!: Samantha takes Diane (in a yellow sweater) from Uncle Arthur's arms only to immediately put ERIN (who's not wearing the sweater) into the playpen.

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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