The second part of "Endora Moves In For a Spell" this plot holds on to the Endora/Uncle Arthur skirmish that prevailed in that episode and nicely seques into a totally original Holiday Party!

"A PARTY?!" you say? Well...it seems the writers for this season's Halloween script were absent from class the day they showed the first two "Bewitched" Halloween outings which clearly and adamantly let everyone know just how much Endora and Sam really dislike this "black day." Maybe with the advent of color, everyone got a cheerier disposition, but poor Darrin must REALLY be confused now! After having been programmed for two years to defend witchdom to the end, Darrin is found here thoughtfully and sensitively finding a nice movie he and Sam can go to only to find the rules have suddenly changed: Sam wants to observe Halloween "properly" and even mildly chastises HIM for wanting to "hide out!" Oh, well -- this major turn around (if not historically accurate) is worth it for what a party it is!

Once you get past a second moment of suspended disbelief (Endora wanting a party -- and not only on Earth but in MORNING GLORY CIRCLE of all places!) everything runs beautifully all the way from the witty banter between Arthur & Endora to the inspired cameo appearance of baseball great Willie Mays ("say hey!"). Other standouts include Endora's living room makeover, complete with spooky servants, Sam's new elegant coiffure and the appearance of two wonderful guests: Boris & Eva.

Joan Huntington is especially beautiful and wonderfully comic as the hip swiveling Eva the Cat ("pure alley") and her scenes with Dick York are surprisingly sexy. York, as usual, is fabulous in this: He gets to show Darrin's fun side by relaxing and actually having a good time at the party -- getting into the floating appetizers, laughing along with Uncle Arthur, even enjoying polite conversation with Endora (who's relishing playing hostess with the mostess!). But the biggest and funniest surprise of the "new, relaxed Darrin" is in just how much he gets into Eva (!) -- obviously turned on, Darrin shows he has a bit of the young randy boy left in him ("Here, kitty...kitty!!!") Very sexy-hexy!

This party is so interesting & entertaining that it makes the "Gladys Kravitz/Councilman Green" subplot almost an irritating intrusion, scenes that could easily be fast-forwarded and not be missed. Party on!

LOOK FOR: Watch this episode on a 2nd or 3rd viewing and observe only the party guests -- you'll see just how much inconsistency there is in the continuity in placement of guests -- within any one party scene you'll notice couples with different partners from shot to shot.

MELODY WATCH: Melody can be seen throughout as the blonde haired party guest in an emerald green ballgown -- especially visible in between Darrin & Sam while watching Eva dance.

OOPS!: If you watch the extras consistently, you'll notice many mistakes. Most notably: Melody is behind both Willy Mays AND Darrin & Sam, which is logistically impossible. Also, the older couple who walk through the door to the party don't
know it yet but...they're already there!!!

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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