Dragonfly calling Mother Hubbard! Cloak and dagger storyline has Tabitha's rattle tattling all of Darrin's slogans to a rival advertising agency -- thanks to "Diaper Dan," a grown man who drives a pink van with a babydoll on its roof.

With ingrediants such as over-the-top "bad guys," a wacky scene involving Larry, Darrin and an olive (very funny, especially as Dick York comes THIS CLOSE to laughing out of character) plus an uncharacteristically ditzy Samantha -- this episode has "I Dream of Jeannie" written all over it! Cute, yet silly, it plays more to younger audiences than adults especially as Marty Ingels mugs his way through the role of Diaper Dan as if he were on "Romper Room." Kids will probably love him. Adults might be more inclined to go "Eeeww!" at the sight of the immature sweathog eavesdropping excitedly in his van.

The old Harpies Bazaar prop makes another appearance; Sam changes outfits SIX times (!) while Endora's too busy guzzling down goblets full of dry ice to even think about changing wardrobe; And is it just me or is that talking baby doll totally SCARY or what?! It, like much of this paranoia-inducing episode, should be enough to make us all thankful for the invention of disposables.

FAVE QUOTE: Sam: "Poo!"
Endora: "Poo? Have you sunk to that level of repartee?!"

GUEST STARS: Marty Ingels is married to Shirley Jones ("The Partridge Family")

GERALD WATCH: In the restaurant, sitting at the center of the table just behind Darrin and Larry.

MELODY WATCH: In the restaurant as Kimberley says, "Tate and Stephens, this is a coincidence..." there she goes a-walkin' by right in front of the camera.

©Review Copyright 1998 by SCOTT VIETS

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