Introducing Orville Redenbacher’s new butter flavored POT-corn, I mean, popcorn.

Endora hexes a bowl of Jiffy-Pop which causes any mortal eating it to become giggly… then mellow… then philosophical….then eventually, really, really hungry. Hm…one has to wonder if the writers of “Bewitched” were intentionally doing a nudge-nudge, wink-wink appeal to the Haight-Ashbury set or if, indeed, it really was just meant to be an innocent bowl of “hexed” popcorn. Who knows? Who cares? Does anybody else have the munchies?

More an interesting oddity than anything else, this episode actually manages to succeed fairly well despite its goofy premise and wacky performances. Written by David V. Robinson and John L. Greene, we’re taken back to that long-ago TV Land Age where TV Repairmen made housecalls, policemen referred to hat- and-glove-wearing women as “little ladies” and milkmen actually existed!

The casting of the guest stars is fun: Milkman Ned Glass discovering the horror of ”…one wants mango flavoring in her yogurt!”; Norma Varden snooting it up as Mrs. Dumont; and Paul Smith patronizing as the offensive cop (“…who’s the untidy little lady who parked her car half-on and half-off the curb?!”)

Samantha is quite game throughout, with her impatience towards Darrin always fun to watch (check out her final exit before the tag as she stalks off hautily past Darrin) while Larry and Darrin are like…well, Cheech and Chong -- rolling around this episode as if it were one big, giant doobie.

FAVE QUOTE: Darrin: Hey, how about the sandwiches?
Sam: Make them yourself!

Milkman: Hello, Larry. This is your friendly purveyor of dairy products.
Larry: What?!
Milkman: The milkman!

LOOK FOR: All the guys playing poker and drinking…milk! Cute.
Endora floating on the ceiling – who knew the Stephenses had a 20 foot high ceiling?

LISTEN FOR: Music is specifically scored to the action. . Endora even has a little “laugh” theme (waa-waa-waa-waa)

MELODY WATCH: That’s her in the background when Larry is in the office asking where Darrin is.
The final scene is obviously NOT Liz but more fabulous “back-acting” by Miz Melody.

© Review Copyright 2005 by SCOTT VIETS

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