Darrin's in danger of losing this week's client because of a bewitched chair named Clyde Farnsworth who's madly in love with Samantha and will do anything for her -- except make this episode interesting.

Single-leggedly managing to steal the show from all of his HUMAN co-stars, the CHAIR and his antics (actually, very impressive!) are about the only entertaining moments in this bland script by Coslough Johnson. Conveying a wide variety of emotions physically while also managing to be a total HAM, the chair is a brilliant special effect with a very charming personality. Unfortuantely, the same can't be said of his human counterpart, as played by Roger Garrett. Looking like a young Woody Allen but possessing Wooden Talent, Mr. Garrett makes me wish Clyde Farnsworth had stayed a CHAIR!

Fortunately, the other guest stars are from the top notch talent pool we're used to seeing on "Bewitched": J. Pat O'Malley as "Huggy-Bear" Cosgrove gives frightening new definitions to the meaning of "hen-pecked" while Anne Seymour as old "Love Pot" herself turns in some great line readings, including my favorite: "What are you trying to do...CHOKE me?!" Howard Morton as the antique dealer who sells Samantha the chair ("It's yours for 25 bucks!") is a wonderful find here, taking a small part and making it memorable with his deliciously smarmy attitude and obnoxious good looks. A wonderful cameo performance!

The rest of the cast is game, trying their best to out-mug the chair's nimble performance with exaggerated gusto and zest but in the end just seem tired of giving their all -- to a lot of nothing.

FAVE QUOTE: Mrs. Cosgrove (looking for travel tips): "Do you have any ideas where we can go?"
Sam: "Let's just go into the living room for now."
Louise: "That's not where I had in mind...!"

© Review Copyright 2000 by SCOTT VIETS

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