Fun, inventive episode which really is a tour de force for Dick York & David White. From York's masterful handling of the kitchen scene in which he slowly progresses from showing off for Sam a little Italian to slipping into a slight then heavy then heavier accent and finally unexpected full out Italian to David White's perfectly honest (and hilarious) range of reactions throughout, this episode is a subtle gem.

Liz gets to show off her talent for languages here and it's nice the way the writers expect the viewer to assume Samantha would be naturally proficient in ALL languages without having to over-explain: Sam tells Darrin early on, "You know, I speak a little Italian!" The viewer knows full well Samantha can do anything but Liz's sweet and almost throw-away line reading makes Samantha all the more loveable for her modesty.

Other memorable moments include Endora showing some serious skin whilst in her bath and then later popping Darrin & Sam to Europe for dinner--something tells me after Darrin's initial shock, the three of them probably had a great time! VIEWING TIP: Study David White's performance here...every reaction/line reading is perfection!

FAVE QUOTE: Sam (to Larry): "Darrin can't understand a word you're, saying...it's quite normal."
Larry: "It's quite normal that he doesn't understand a word I'm saying?"
Sam: "Yes... isn't it wonderful?"
Larry: (pause) "Now I don't understand a word YOU'RE saying!"

LOOK FOR: Liz & Dick went back and re-dubbed some of their Italian dialogue, perhaps because they weren't satisfied with their original takes.
Samantha's twitch sound effect is unusually different.

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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