Run of the mill episode with an original plot, some especially funny & good line readings from Liz but nothing too outstanding to lift it above average.

Although the plot revolves around Darrin and the spell placed on HIM, it's really Samantha who's the more fun to watch here. From Sam youthfully bouncing down the stairs and slyly (and oh-so-cutely) opening the door to accept her package (Sam sure does have a thing for mink!) to later growling at the phone that just had Darrin on the other end, Liz makes all the right choices in her performance here and manages to outshine York (although Darrin pulling that big 'ol jug 'o wine out of the paper bag is pretty darn funny!)

In an interesting costume choice, Endora's harem outfit makes her look like she's been moonlighting over at the "Jeannie" set while the little "doll" version of her looks like...well...a little "Jeannie" doll. Vealbird, anyone?!?!

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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