Watching a game of golf is like watching paint dry -- only slower.

The cast and crew got to work on their tans this week and filmed virtually the entire episode outdoors in a refreshing and relaxed episode about GOLF -- of all things! Fortunately you don't have to be a fan to enjoy this, although you can't help but notice the writers assume the audience knows the sport, using golf terms galore as if we all know what it means! But despite this one little "handicap" the mini-tournament still manages to be amusing.

Dick York, acting like Arnold Palmer possessed, is at his hyperactive best and proves again what a great sport his Darrin is even when he knows he's under a spell, deciding to just go with the flow. David White, MacDonald Carey and York all play off of each other's comedic timing very well and Joan Banks as Margaret Baxter creates a lovely, sympathetic character with her scene lamenting to Sam about her boorish husband a quiet highlight.

In an unusual move, Endora appears in the opening to put the spell on Darrin but this plot-driven point isn't even addressed again as it seems it's Samantha's witchcraft which is needed to help Darrin win the game. It doesn't really matter... with not much else to do other than sit in a cart, bask in the sun, look pretty and twitch a lot, it seems only natural Sam would be too relaxed to be upset about Endora's interference. Hmmm... sit in a cart, bask in the sun...maybe golf isn't so bad after all!

FAVE QUOTE:Larry: "My wife won't be able to make it. She's visiting her mother."
Baxter: "Oh, your mother in law's sick?"
Larry: (dryly) "You have no idea."

OOPS: The establishing shot in the beginning shows the exterior of 1164 in broad daylight although the scene takes place BEFORE sunrise.

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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