Imaginatively written fantasy episode has Sam and Darrin telling the whole world she's a full fledged, card-carrying, cauldron stirring witch, giving us yet another creative peek into "what life would be like if...?" With a creative script by Richard Baer, we finally get a chance to see Samantha twitch in front of those who usually never see her actually perform witchcraft (the Kravitzes and Larry Tate) and you know what?...it's kind of cool!

The plot unfolds logically with the Stephenses going to Larry Tate to show off Sam's "fruitcake routine," a wonderful scene with 'ol Lare bug-eyed at the thought of Sam's voodoo mixing with his know-how so he can rule the world. David White is great here and genuinely seems to get a kick out of being in a scene where he actually gets to see Samantha perform witchcraft. George Tobias and Sandra Gould also get a chance to shine: Once Sam confesses her witchly ways, they become frightened for their lives as if she were an alien wanting their blood and later convert Morning Glory Circle into a sideshow with the promise of Gladys' "thrilling lecture: The Samantha Stephens I have Known and Feared!" Funny stuff -- despite Sam turning the camera into a CHICKEN of all things...a baffling connection which still makes me go "huh?!"

Woodrow Parfrey and Herb Ellis are terrific as government officials who urge Darrin and Samantha to become "military guests" to escape witch burning ("It's being revived!") and Erin Murphy has a gem of a moment as Tabitha depressed -- literally snubbing Darrin as she walks by with her nose up in the air! Delightful.

GUEST STARS: If Woodrow Parfrey (General Stanlee) looks familiar to you in an Air Force uniform, it's because he guest starred several times on "I Dream of Jeannie" throughout its run.

FAVE QUOTE: Gladys: "Just let us live. We're young and we want to live!"
Abner: "If you must take one of us, take me."
Samantha: "But Mr. Kravitz, I'm not a bad witch. I'm a good witch!"
Darrin: "Her mother's a bad witch!"

OOPS!: In the last scene, Sam's hair changes from being parted on the side (long shots) to down the middle (close ups)...strange, since neither hairstyle is a familiar look for her during this period.

©Review Copyright 1998 by SCOTT VIETS

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