Darrin accuses Sam of witchery when she enters an ad slogan contest, winning a trip to Tahiti with her entry: "Tinkerbell Diapers: It's time for a Change!"

Pleasant enough episode despite familiar plot elements has some fun moments: Sam's "speed-clean" scene (Darrin: "You look like a silent movie!"); A funny Darrin-drunk scene complete with an even funnier hangover; plus the unexplained introduction of a magical nanny dog (that's right...a DOG!) named Clarissa. But perhaps most interesting of all about this episode is the fact that its scriptwriter is Arthur Julian. The same Arthur Julian who appeared in several episodes of "Bewitched" most notably as the butcher Hogersdorf who "wants" Gladys in #140 "Splitsville" and as the egomaniacal Mr. Cunningham in #98 "Art for Sam's Sake."

With another meow-inducing visit from Mrs. Stephens (Mabel Albertson) and Darrin acting especially crabby throughout, Samantha gets dumped on quite a bit but thankfully Liz gives Sam that edge that keeps her from being a total pushover ("Let him pack his own suntan lotion!")

If I were Sam I'd take the tickets to Tahiti, call old boyfriend Rollo and down Zombies until Arthur Julian's next appearance!

FAVE QUOTE: SAM: "Larry, I don't think sitting around thinking up slogans is going to help take my mind off my troubles."

GERALD WATCH: When Darrin & Samantha are at the bar, he's in the background between them having a drink... with a babe... in a booth. No wonder why he liked working on the show so much.

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