Amusing episode finds "lovable" Uncle Arthur being anything but when he switches Darrin and Samantha's voices.

Borrowing heavily from season four's smartly executed "Out of Synch, Out of Mind," Uncle Arthur fills the role vacated by Marion Lorne's Aunt Clara while Larry and Louise Tate step into the subplot roles that were Mr. and Mrs. Stephens from that episode. Paul Lynde plays Arthur a little nastier here than what we're used to seeing, making him almost quite unlikable as he demonstrates a surprisingly rude behavior especially towards Samantha. Dick York does a marvelous job with his voice-overs for Sam but Liz tries a little too hard, making her soundtrack for Darrin sound over-exaggerated and forced at times.

Funny, yet strangely bland, this is a textbook example of one of the many "Bewitched" episodes from this time that is just so middle of the road average it's barely worth remembering.

© Review Copyright 2000 by SCOTT VIETS

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