With Nancy Kovack's character (Clio Vanito) already transformed into a monkey, this second installment suffers slightly without the stinging presence Kovack brought so winningly to Part One, especially in her scenes with Serena.   But if the sight of Gerald York, Melody Thomas and a disappearing black lady running  after a  monkey wearing more make-up than an old bar whore tickles your fancy, then this caper's for you!

Of course with or without the fabulousness of Miss Kovack's presence to play off of, Elizabeth Montgomery does her usual solid bit in keeping just about any average episode afloat.  Whether she's "taking a little happiness for herself" (funny bit) or taking what looks to be like a ROCK thrown on her head (in the downtown scene ... ouch!), Miss Liz deserves kudos for, if nothing else,  looking as gorgeous as she does in this.   Perfectly made-up and perfectly lit, she looks not only  flawless but young, especially in her Serena-as-Cleo look.  And for an extra treat, listen closely and you'll hear Serena's theme song ("Serena's Slink") revamped into an Egyptian motif.   Clever indeed!

Miss Kovack  returns in the end, but too briefly and unfortunately never to return to "Bewitched" ever again.   With this, she wraps up her 5 episode stint, making a lasting impression as one of the series' most memorable costars, though there were countless others who appeared more often.   Beautiful, talented, deliciously wicked and funny, Nancy Kovack's appearances will be sadly missed as "Bewitched" continues on without her for three more seasons.

Organ Grinder: "Ever since I come to this country, I have one dream in my heart."
Sam: "What's that?"
Organ Grinder: "To go back to my old country."

Darrin: "Why don't you take Tabitha into the kitchen for some cookies and milk?
Tabitha: "I wanna stay and hear you scream, Daddy!"

GUEST STARS: Cliff Norton (Scibetta) makes his 2nd "Bewitched" appearance after having not appeared since the first season in "It's Magic" #16.  He makes up for his long absence by appearing in the very next episode, "One Touch of Midas" and several others shortly thereafter.
Bobo Lewis makes her first of several memorable appearances.

MELODY WATCH: Is seen putting money into the monkey's cap.

GERALD WATCH: Is seen in the next frame after the infamous "Disappearing Black Lady".

OOPS!: Perhaps one of the most recognizable flubs in "Bewitched" history:  as Sam is popping out from the streets of downtown, an African-American woman walks into the frame and, well....it's probably safe to say she's probably STILL floating around somewhere!
A blonde extra with a scarf is seen talking to a friend when Sam pops in and then is seen in the next shot walking TOWARDS Sam!

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