Sam turns to Darrin towards the end of this episode and says, "...with Esmerelda, nothing's simple!" Yeah, nothing simple ... except her MIND! Only into her second appearance here, our little Witch Twit has already begun on her tragic journey towards total brain cell loss, an affliction which frighteningly gains speed as the series continues on.

Mistakenly conjuring up the Roman Emperor instead of the salad, Esmerelda produces Julius Caesar who arrives just in time to give us all a little history lesson. After Sam tells her "Yoo Hoo" to get rid of the Boo-Boo, Esmerelda shows him the DOOR instead of thinking up an incantation and is certain Darrin and Sam will be so pleased she finally got him to leave. I'm telling you, this gal's one soothsayer shy of a coven.

The concept here of producing Caesar, who's on a mission to clear his name is really actually borrowed from the Aunt Clara-Benjamin Franklin episodes (#87 & #88) but pales considerably in comparison. After a frolic among Vietnam War Protestors (talk about a history lesson!) and helps to inspire Darrin to win his latest client, the similarities end there --all without the wit, adventure or even inspiring speech that was once all delivered previously by "My Friend Ben."

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