Cute episode finds pregnant Samantha givin' in and piggin' out to her every gastronomic whimsy. Only problem is... the food comes to her! We should all have such a problem.

Liz is exceptionally radiant here. Actually pregnant in real life with her third child, Rebecca, this is the last episode she filmed before leaving on hiatus to give birth and as evidenced here it's true what they say about expectant mothers... they DO glow!

By the very nature of Liz being pregnant herself, there's a lovely dynamic in watching how the characters on the show gently handle Sam, fully aware that it's not just a pillow in there. Especially charming is Agnes Moorehead who at times seems almost not to be playing Endora but rather the role of a sensitive and loving co-worker who is looking out for someone she loves ... either way it works and it's wonderful to see that light, loving side which Endora rarely ever gets to show.

Sargent, still acting mighty stiff, films his fourth episode here and it seems the director has chosen to give him some rather obvious and awkward looking close-ups as if to say, "The other one's not comin' back -- get used to this face!" Nevertheless if Sargent is still too self-conscious to be funny, leave it to Dr. Bombay to save the day: camping it up as if he's just come back from a long weekend by the sea with Uncle Arthur (!), Dr. Bombay is hysterically madcap with his wacky tamborine dance and laugh-out-loud lines such as "I want your SOUL!"

But once again it's Liz who shines -- literally. While still managing to be exceptionally funny (check out the candied apple scene: "What have you got in that purse?" "Just a little SNACK for emergencies.") Liz as Samantha can't help but exude the self-joy and sense of inner contentment she must have been feeling at this particular time.

FAVE QUOTE: Larry: "Paxton was gonna give us his account in honor of the new baby."
Sam: "What makes you think he won't feel the same way when it is born?"
Larry: "He'll be sober by then."

GUEST STARS: William Schallert (Dr. Anton) is one of the best known TV/Movie character actors from the 60's and 70's, most notably playing Patty's father on "The Patty Duke Show."

LOOK FOR: Hmmm...Dr. Anton's office looks outrageously familiar!
At Shea Stadium, next to the payphone Sam is talking on there is graffiti that has "B.A. + E.M." scrawled inside a heart... Bill Asher & Elizabeth Montgomery!

GERALD WATCH: In quite the featured bit, Gerald's the orderly who wheels himself away.

©Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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