Milestone episode has Samantha giving birth to the still-yet-to-be-named "Stephens Boy," while Maurice casts a spell over all mortals causing them to goo-goo-gah and gush ridiculously funny compliments like "Just look at the shape of his head!"

Although not quite capturing the magic or tenderness of Tabitha's birth in Episode #54 ("And Then There Were Three") this episode is fine enough especially in the crowd scenes where everyone is fawning over the little tyke. Even Larry gets into the act -- Larry: "I've got to have him!" Darrin: But you've already got a son." Larry: "I'll TRADE you!"

Some effort was made to replicate the scene from "Then There Were Three" with Darrin coming into Sam's room after the birth, sharing a warmhearted moment where they boast with pride over their accomplishment. Though there might be a slightly uneasy case of deja vu when watching this scene, it IS nevertheless nice and Sargent and Montgomery are sweet in it.

GUEST STARS: Pat Priest (Daytime Nurse) played Marilyn Munster in the TV series "The Munsters" from 1964-66.

GERALD WATCH: As part of Larry's "screen test crew," that's our little Gerry holding the camera!

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