"Stephens Boy" is now officially named "Frank" and Gramps Maurice is none too happy!

Not much new here. Many different aspects from past episodes have been blended together to make this: Endora & Phyllis have their usual confrontation; Maurice once again furiously breaks objects in the Stephenses living room; and Darrin is treated to yet another visit behind the looking glass where the climate is always less than desirable: Sam: "Why is it cold?" Maurice: "Just luck."

For an episode centering around the birth of a new baby, everybody's actually pretty unpleasant in this, with the exception of Samantha and...surprise!...Endora. It's expected for Maurice to throw his weight around while Darrin blows his top but you know it's bad when FRANK starts giving attitude (check out his weird, nasty look to Darrin and Sam at the end of the show!)

But it's really Phyllis who goes beyond her usual judgemental demeanor and is just plain MEAN here. Snidely inquiring to Endora as to what she bought the baby for a gift, Endora produces a simple bouquet of posies to which Mrs. Stephens rudely blurts: "Did you grow it yourself or did you just throw caution to the wind and buy it?" Meow! Later, Endora places an exquisite incantation over the baby, a spell which Samantha explains is a wish to help the baby grow to appreciate beautiful things. Phyllis acidly replies, "Isn't that...curious?!" Just for that, she deserves every sick headache she gets!

With bad vibes like these, is it any wonder Adam grew up to be more Washout than Warlock?

FAVE QUOTE: Maurice: "On my word of honor, I did nothing of the sort!"
Darrin: "On your word of wha?!?!"

©Review Copyright 1998 by SCOTT VIETS

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