This time Endora enlists the aid of a leprechaun to wreak havoc on Darrin and Samantha's marriage. Why? Never mind... it's never very clear. While concentrating on some terrific magic and schtick, this strange little episode somehow never seems fully developed -- almost if the writers said, "Let's feature a leprechaun and figure the rest out later." Leave it to Erin Murphy's delightful performance to perk up this "Elf from Hell" tale as we find Tabitha reigning surpreme in her very new... very big...and very BROWN playhouse!

Liz ("the fair blonde one") delivers some wonderful ATT-TI-TUDE while putting the "goof-up leprechaun" in his place with her perfectly delivered, "I don't think you know WHO or WHAT I AM!" threat. It's always a treat when we get to see Sam get cocky, reminding us just how powerful she is! Dick Sargent is excellent playing a glazed, dazed Darrin wearing the bewitched boots but unfortunately starts out on a sour note by being aggressively negative towards the delightful Tabitha in the beginning -- a choice seemingly made by Sargent. Henry Gibson as the leprechaun does the best with what he's been told to do, making all his scenes with Sam quite memorable and there's oodles of interesting magic but alas--the sum of the parts just don't make up a whole.

FAVE QUOTE: Tabitha: "I wish you two would find something to do while I'm entertaining!"

©Review Copyright 1998 by SCOTT VIETS

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