After six seasons, Darrin, Samantha and Endora are seen in a different light -- literally -- as they actually go ON LOCATION to Salem, Massachusettes to film the first of several episodes. Technically part one of two (but actually part three of eight!) the Salem vacation has finally begun while the kitchen at 1164 Morning Glory Circle literally smokes like a Burning Oak...or Smoldering Stump...or something to that effect.

Beginning with some rather cute slice-of-witch-life travelling bits (the plane ride with Endora and Samantha on the wing is a great effect) and then later taking us on a sight-seeing tour through Salem, we're offered not only brief history lessons but some great locations as well. Riding past the Witches House where the original Salem witch trials were held, Darrin insensitively suggests going inside (!) only to receive a well-deserved sarcastic retort from Endora and a reprimand from Samantha. Being quite the curmudgeon throughout, Sargent's Darrin hardly seems to be someone you'd want to spend your vacation with but what he lacks in FUN he makes up in FUNNY, especially in the physical comedy demanded by the bedpan -- er...bedwarmer scenes.

Liz is both fun AND funny in this. Whether enjoying seeing Endora on the wing (while trying to hide her delight from Darrin) OR trying to jump over the the bedwarmer through the doorway OR explaining to the tour guide, "I had one just like it at the rest home," her myriad of reactions
here are priceless! Most delightful of all are her reactions of embarrassment to being literally SCOLDED by the snotty Miss Ferndale (a wonderfully haughty Joan Hotchkis!) for handling the bedwarmer and later being disappointed at not even getting a "Thanks for coming" from the Nazi Guide of Seven Gables. Definite rewind moments!

Will Sam and Darrin go to jail? Will Dick Wilson ever sober up? Will the cops of Salem explain why they speak with Irish accents? Will the Pretty Little Uptight Tour Guide ever loosen up and eventually learn to LOVE?! Stay tuned next week...on "Bewitched!"

FAVE QUOTE: Darrin: "You witches have the dumbest rules at the dumbest times!"

GUEST STARS: Joan Hotchkis played Dr. Nancy Cunningham on TV's "The Odd Couple".
Nancy Priddy (Stew #1) goes on to play Esmerelda's mirror image in Episode #226 and in real life is the mother of "Married with Children" star, Christina Applegate.

GERALD WATCH: As Sam/Endora/Darrin enter the airline terminal, last in line is Gerald (wearing glasses) arm in arm with Melody Thomas (!) after Endora says, "Lovely flight, wasn't it?"
Gerald is seen AGAIN at the House of Seven Gables, peering through the doorway as the 2nd tour guide watches Sam talking to the bedwarmer.

MELODY WATCH: See "Gerald Watch."

LOOK FOR: Endora cracking herself up at her own cruelty by pointing and laughing at the passenger she zapped off the plane as she descends the airliner's stairs.
The registration on the windshield of the convertible Darrin and Sam drive is stamped 1970.

OOPS!: Many of the "on-location action" shots were obviously filmed back in Hollywood with the actual background location superimposed behind the actors.

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