Part Two of "The Salem Saga" finds Ding-Dong in jail, Dick Wilson still drunk and Miss Ferndale in need of a good stiff one herself, all while a twitch-happy Samantha tries to find out who's responsible for putting the hop and jig into the once inanimate bedwarmer.

Enter Serena, who has undergone yet another major personality change and is officially in her kookier than kooky stage. With her squeaky voice, big takes and campy line readings, Serena seems to have spent the summer at The Betty Boop/Mae West Charm School for Girls. Almost farcical now in her portrayal of Serena, Liz throws caution to the wind, having unabashed fun with the character and succeeding all the way while delivering some of the best comical bits... NEWTON: "My witchcraft isn't all it should be." SERENA: "That's not the ONLY thing!"

Lots of magic abounds, especially by Samantha/Serena, with a favorite moment being Samantha twitching and flying up to the rock Endora is perched on and with a least favorite moment being the cheesy "Love American Style" fireworks accompanying Endora's "big" spell. The Olde Salem sets and costumes are well done, evoking the period accurately and Noam Pitlik proves to be perfectly charming as Newton, the bedwarmer who's about to give Miss Ferndale exactly what she's in desperate need of...a little rumbledy-tumbledy!

LOOK FOR: Many of the courtroom scene extras were also in the same tour group as Sam and Darrin at the House of Seven Gables in Part One. In some scenes as Sam, Liz appears to have difficulty in shaking the wacky Serena persona with some of Sam's lines and looks coming out like Serena.

GERALD WATCH: He's a mortal! He's a warlock!! He's Super-Extra!!! In the opening scene listening to Dick Wilson's (strangely dubbed) recap of Part One, he's next to Melody. Later he's a turban-wearing warlock talking to the witch who informs Sam of Serena's arrival.

MELODY WATCH: See "Gerald Watch."

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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