"Not all there" Esmerelda goofs again, this time summoning Paul Revere from the great beyond whilst returning Larry's "authentic original reproduction" Paul Revere teapot back to Darrin and Sam in Salem. Not much else to the story than that, other than the usual -- somehow it all works out and ties in with Darrin's current client/advertising campaign with everybody happy in the end -- especially Samantha!

What really makes this episode is the casting of Bert Convy as Paul Revere. Although twice he's referred to as "old," Mr. Convy is anything but. Quite handsome and full of youth, he has an extremely enticing presence which seems to literally ignite SPARKS -- especially in Liz! Forget everything else -- the real scenes to watch are the two in which Samantha and Paul are alone together, in his jail cell and later in the park. The chemistry between Liz and Bert is so intense that for the first time in "Bewitched" history we actually sense that something could happen between Samantha and someone other than Darrin. I don't think this was intentional. What we have here are two wonderful actors who just "click," turning basic dialogue into lovely moments with little pauses and sweet, wistful glances. You get the feeling they don't want to say good-bye. The editors and director (Richard Michaels) must have picked up on this as well for if you listen carefully you'll notice that these scenes are thoughtfully underscored -- with soft, almost romantic music.

But as dynamic as Bert and Liz are together, even if you do for a brief, impetuous moment secretly wish Sam and Paul would run away together (Endora would be so pleased!), it really only serves as a melancholy reminder: These electrical undercurrents and warmhearted scenes once so prevalent between Sam and DARRIN in the Dick York years are now practically non-existent with the Darrin of Dick Sargent -- left only to be found now between Sam and...a guest star!

GUEST STARS: Bert Convy was a major television presence in the 70's & 80's, appearing in many TV movies and starring as host of several game shows, notably "Tattle Tales" & "Win, Lose or Draw."
Jud Strunk was demoted to Bellboy here after being the much more prestigious "Maitre D'" of the Glouscester House in the episode before this, #205 "Darrin on a Pedestal;"

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