Darrin rewards Sam with an ugly bracelet for "conduct above and beyond love, honor, and no witchcraft". But feeling guilty for twitching only moments earlier (and for perhaps wishing he had given her a rolex instead), Sam's guilt-ridden conscience begins hiccupping up bikes -- yes, as in Schwinn -- because of her lack of "WHEEL power". Of course it's all simply "CYCLE-logical" whereby Dr. Bombay then tries to eliminate all GILT from Sam's conscience so that now everything that's gold ... Oh, forget it -- I can't afford to lose another brain cell describing this plot. Just watch it and enjoy the corniness of it all!

Utterly silly and ridiculously fun, it all somehow makes sense, especially when the diagnoses are delivered by the forever amiable Dr. Bombay. Reprising his latest penchant for looking and acting like Liberace at his most rococco, Bombay's constant references to "playing a-round with his nurse" may just cause one to snigger "What's HIS name!?" But of course, Bernard Fox's ever-evolving Bombay is so delightfully clownish that he, and he alone, truly helps to make absurd plot devices (as seen here) seem halfway sensical.

Adding to the bonuses of sticking with this episode are the surprise appearances of Larry Tate (who spends most of his time here in search of a good party!) and Serena (who looks like she's ready to give him one!) Both sparkle in refreshing cameos that have, for a change, no hidden agendas, no spells to cast, trouble to create or million dollar clients in need of being sucked up to. Both simply APPEAR, positively relaxed and ready to PAR-TAY! The obvious flirtation we've come to know and love between Serena and Larry is so innocently sexy that I find myself almost wishing that just this once, Serena would fly HIM to the moon! (sorry, Louise!)

LOOK FOR: Dick Sargent grabbing what looks like a cosmic Twister board spinner suspended in mid-air when Larry walks in -- I don't know why but it's pretty darn-dumb funny

© Review Copyright 1999 by SCOTT VIETS

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