"Hi! Stay tuned for "Moorehead & Sargent," next in color!" These two single-handedly steal this second installment of "Giant King Santa VIII" from everyone, including Sulking Sam, and are nothing short of laugh-your-butt-off brilliant.

Dick Sargent and Agnes Moorhead have developed a wonderful chemistry with each other and it's great to see them team up, bickering along the way in an effort to help Samantha regain her memory (perhaps she'll remember how she used to play the part?!) Whether quacking (too funny!) or insulting Endora ("I hope your broom goes BALD!") Sargent is in excellent form here while Agnes M. is a textbook example of comedic control. Her hypnosis scene with the Executioner (who is also funny) is a marvelously moody highlight (especially with that cool eerie harpsichord theme), complete with Durweed falling asleep and a deliciously mean post-hypnotic suggestion: "When you wake, you'll feel ROTTEN!" In fact, every word Endora utters here is a gem with some other personal favorites including: "For one thing, he's TOO FAT!" and "...It's difficult to talk when one is choking!" Every line is delivered with control and variety and Miss Moorehead's every choice is the right one!

LOOK FOR: Endora's glee at the thought of "the sight of blood and the sound of bones cracking!"

MELODY WATCH: That's Melody centered between two other blondes behind King Henry when he says "What's Klutz?"

OOPS!: Some major character discrepancies what with Endora claiming to have not been born yet by 1542 (Hel-lo!!!!) and also the fact that here witches can undo another witch's curse. Hey, not fair--just when everyone finally understands the rules, they change 'em on us!!

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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