Boofa! Boofa! If you loved the tackiness of "Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster," then this is a MUST-SEE! Like "Loch Ness" this is yet another excellent example of not only the drastic changes made in Liz's portrayal of Samantha but the obvious changes in the "Bewitched" scenery budget as well!

Samantha is seen getting a long distance call from the increasingly weird Esmerelda via lampshade (don't ask!) and when interrupted by Darrin, from the annoyed look on her face, one suspects she'd rather use the big 'ol lamp to hit Sargent over the head! Once Esmerelda arrives on the scene, she is treated to insincere welcomes and bad special effects (her fade in/fade out act is the worst yet!) But even that can't compare to the unbelievable sight of the cardboard cut-out "Leaning Tower" that looks more like something Tabitha and Adam made from Endora's old Harpies Bazaar magazines.

But wait, there's more! When Esmerelda accidentally straightens the tower, not only does she receive a sharp elbow from Liz (who simultaneously is delivering the facial expressions of a lion whose had its meat taken away) but then is forced back in time for a ridiculous scene where Bonano Pizzano (sloppily played by Robert Casper) insults her and orders a sandwich from the local Medieval deli which causes the mishap, "One tower special and make it LEAN!" This terrible gag gets just what it deserves: Tons of rocks are dropped on the actors heads from above (with perhaps more than her share going to Miss Montgomery!) Dick Sargent is given little to do here (and makes the least of it) and poor David White gets his first appearance of the 8th season, grinning and bearing through the tiredness of it all. Venice, anyone?

LOOK FOR: Our Miss Liz, looking more and more like a cast member of "Room 222" is a 1970's fashion plate here: Choker, sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bag all accessorizing a busy patchwork mini and knee socks...!!! Get used to the look... it's gonna show up a lot more before this season's through!!

© Review Copyright 1997 by SCOTT VIETS

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