Download the audio to this rare,
Bewitched sponsor opening from the First Season,

Chevrolet Logo
Click on the Chevrolet Logo to download the entire Bewitched theme
to play along with the images.

strip one

The Chevrolet theme begins to play ... Anouncer: "Chevrolet Presents"... Logo disolves into moon... the witch flies past the moon & the theme goes into full swing... with the apperance of the show's title ... the witchs flies past again breaking up the title ... our favorite witch again apears ...

strip two

Samantha twitches her nose & pops into the kitchen... Darrin enters & upon kissing her she pops out...

strip three

...only to appear at his feet as a cat...She jumps into his arms & returns to her usual self... the pan on the stove smokes up... and after the smoke clears we see Sam & Darrin standing ...

strip fourChevy animation

After the smokey credits the announcer returns:
"See the USA ... the number one way ... in a Chevrolet."

Samantha does a commercial
Here is another rare example of the promotional spots the cast did for the featured sponsors. The rarity of this commercial is evident by the lack of clarity in the images. Here we see "Samantha" showing off the new Chevy sedan.
Download the audio by clicking on the frame grabs.

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