Chevy LogoBewitched's alternate sponsor was Chevrolet. Each season's theme and cartoon were slightly different. Click on the Chevy logo to download the entire Second Season theme.

strip one

The opening animation begins with the Chevrolet logo & the Announcer: "Chevrolet presents"... the logo quickly disolves into the moon...the cartoon witch swoops by displaying the show's title...& returns to disolve it...

strip two

the theme plays as the familiar cartoon unfolds...

strip three

strip four

After the smoky credits fade we see Samantha & Darrin flying on a broom...Sam zaps the broom into the chevrolet logo...the Announcer returns: "Now for '66. See the USA the Chevrolet way!"

Bewitched Logo Download the commercial tag that ran before the end credits
and the Second Season end credit music.

abc presentation
This ABC Station ID closed each black and white episode
following the Screen Gems logo.

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