Chevy Logo

Click on the Chevy logo to download audio to the 1967 Chevrolet sponsor opening. (511K)

strip one

The opening animation begins with the Chevrolet logo & the Announcer: "Chevrolet presents"... the logo quickly disolves into the moon...the cartoon witch swoops by displaying the show's title...& returns to disolve it...

strip two

the theme plays as the familiar cartoon unfolds...

strip three

strip four

After the smoky credits fade we see Samantha & Darrin flying on a broom...Sam zaps the broom into the chevrolet logo...the Announcer returns: "Get that sure feeling in the '67 cars from Chevrolet"

Bewitched Logo Download the 1967 Chevrolet commercial tag that ran before the end credits.

Even the end credits were different when Bewitched originally aired!
For Chevrolet the Cartoon Sam & Darrin are pearched atop the Logo.

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