Celluloid Legends in Color!

Welcome to Celluloid Legends in Color!
Below you will find a selection of photos of your favorite stars available for purchase. Originally photographed in black and white, these photos have been digitally colorized to bring out the hidden beauty of what they may have looked like if they were photographed in color. Great attention to detail has been taken to create the most realistic color images imaginable.
These are just a sample of what is available. Many more photos will be added as time allows. And many more color photos can be custom created as per your requests!
Movie and TV stars are not the only images that can be color enhanced. Your family photos can be restored and colorized as well.
Affordable and collectable! Email your requests.


Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow 1930-1932 Jean Harlow 1933 Jean Harlow 1934 Jean Harlow 1935 Jean Harlow 1936-1937

Judy Garland & "The Wizard of Oz"

Jean Harlow Colorized DVDs!

Last Update - April 2014