James Dean TV appearances available on DVD

James Dean in color by Victor Mascaro

Family Theatre: "Hill Number One" 3/25/51
General Mills: "The Trouble with Father" 1952
Studio One: "Ten Thousand Horses Singing" 3/3/52
Studio One: "Abraham Lincoln" 5/26/52
Tales of Tomorrow: "The Evil Within" 5/1/53
Campbell Soundstage: "Something for an Empty Briefcase" - NBC - 7/17/53
"The Big Story" - NBC - 9/11/53
"Hound of Heaven" 1953
Omnibus: "Glory in the Flower" 10/4/53
Kraft Television Theatre: "Keep Our Honor Bright" 10/14/53
Kraft Television Theatre: "A Long Time Till Dawn" 11/11/53
Armstrong Circle Theatre: "The Bells of Cockaigne" 11/17/53
Robert Montgomery Presents: "Harvest" 11/23/53
General Electric Theatre: "I'm a Fool" 11/14/53
"Dark, Dark Hours"
The U.S. Steel Hour: "The Thief" 1/4/55
Schlitz Playhouse of the Stars: "The Unlighted Road" 5/6/55

Plus Numerous Documentaries, his Pepsi commercial, screen tests, his public safety announcement and much more.

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