[Something's Got to Give]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the footage in tape #1 differ from that of tape #2?

A: Tape one has the 1990 documentary and the raw footage.
Tape two has the new "Final Days" documentary and my old assembled version.

Q: What is the "more" in "unedited footage and more?"

A: The "more" is the 1990 documentary.

Q: How does the quality of the footage of tape #1 compare with the pristine quality of the 37 min. reconstructed footage that was contained in the AMC "Final Days?"

A: The tape one quality is "full screen" not letterboxed. The quality is pretty good. Maybe a 7 or 8 out of a possible 10 in picture quality. The color is a little off and not as vibrant, but still clear.

Q: What's contained in the "beautiful raw footage" of?

A: The beautiful raw footage contains the best raw takes of just about every scene, including the nude swim scenes. Some of it was even assembled together, either originaly intended for the 1963 documentary "Marilyn" or just for the viewing of the rushes. It also focuses on MM and the kids, and every other scene. Cyd Charisse is even shown in her scene with Phil Silvers.

Q: What footage is contained in tape #1 that was not included in the AMC broadcast?

A: The AMC broadcast only showed glimpses of raw footage and 37 minutes of assembled footage. At least 80% of my tape was NOT shown on AMC.

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