The Hollywood Squares

Back in the 70's "The Hollywood Squares" was one of TV's best game shows. Broadcast on NBC it was played the same way it is today. Two contestants compete at Tic-tac-toe by either agreeing or disagreeing with the answers the stars give to the questions asked by the host. A correct answer earned them either an "X" or an "O" respectively. Nine popular television and movie stars of the era made it a ratings hit. The center square became the hot spot for comedian Paul Lynde, Uncle Arthur from Bewitched. His outrageous humor kept the show alive. When it came time to promote one of her TV Movies Elizabeth Montgomery often made an appearance on the show. She was usually seated right under or next to her friend Paul Lynde's Square. The week "The Legend of Lizzie Borden" was to air, Elizabeth was on the show. In this appearance she is plugging her next starring role in "Dark Victory." The Game Show Network had recently aired these classic episodes of "The Hollywood Squares" and it was a real treat to see Liz once again being Liz. Click on the video capture below to hear Liz answer a question from host Peter Marshall. (745K)

By clicking on one of the three images above you'll hear Liz answer another question. (769K)

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