Elizabeth Montgomery speaks only one word of dialogue in Twilight Zone's initial show of its third season Friday on CBS. The word Miss Mongomery speaks -- in Russian -- is "pretty.' Co-starring in the drama, "Two." is Charles Bronson. It pits an unkempt, wild and pretty girl against a roughneck whose nicer instincts have long been hidden. The time: Five years after the last human has walked the streets.
Both think they are alone. How they meet the challenge of reaching a personal peace provides the climax to the story written and directed by Montgomery Pittman and produced by Buck Houghton.
Twilight Zone is the creation of Rod Serling who has won two Emmy Awards for his writing on the series. Once again this year he will contribute the majority of stories to the anthology. The program is marked by its originality and imagination as this week's opener will demonstrate.

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