The Death of A Witch

Will Elizabeth meet her friends of the craft in heaven. It's only fair.


On April 5, the moment the doctors told her she had colon cancer, and that she had to get an operation the following day, they still gave her hope.

"In the instant that I learned that I was suffering from tumor in my colon, I threw myself in the arms of Robert, and we cried together. We were incapable of separation. I was so scared. It was of him that I was thinking. We were so happy together through all the years that it was impossible that it could end like this. I was going to pass away, what would he do without me?"

Like an echo, Robert said "If Elizabeth dies, my life wouldn't make any sense, she is my only reason for living"

As if she was followed by the same curse that hit one by one the stars of the bewitched show, Samantha was carried away by the same illness of Dick York, Her TV husband

It was in 1969, in the glory of the TV series, that Dick York felt the first signs of cancer that slowly but painfully carried him away in 1992.

After that, it was Dick Sargent's turn, who had replaced Dick York in the role of Darrin, who developed prostate cancer and died on the 8 of July 1994, at 64 years old. The golden years.

If "Samantha" didn't bring much luck to her TV husbands, she hardly had the chance with her "real" husbands. Her first husband was Frederic Gattalin Gamman, a rich business man from New York. But money doesn't always bring happiness and after the marriage ceremony, she divorced him in 1955.

Two years after the divorce, Elizabeth married a beggining actor, Gig Young. His glory continued after their divorce by receiving an Oscar for his role in " Horses"

In 1963, Elizabeth fell in love with a Hollywood producer, William Asher, a man that held the future for her. She Bore him 3 children, WIlliam, Robert and Rebecca who are 30, 29 and 24 years old now. She is best known for her role in "Bewitched" a role that she held for 256 episodes and a role that brought her fortune and fame.


Talk about love! she met her love of her life in 1974 when she co-stared with Robert Foxworth in a TV film "Mrs. Sundance". A spark was immediately lit between the two. In spite of their age difference (he was 8 years her junior), and in spite of their difference in fame, they both decided not to leave showbiz, but that didn't mean they couldn't get married!

"I divorced my last three husbands, and I'm not going to lose this one!" Few hollywood couples experienced days as happy as Elizabeth and Robert did. "Falcon Crest" was the only exeption to the rule of "never staying apart from each other." After Elizabeth quit the show business to stay beside her husband, she only did two other projects, two TV films, but with him.(of course we know did other films).

The rest of the time, she was a house wife, in their Los Angeles home. The place where their love for each other never stopped blossoming - until the 18 of May.

--- Translated, with much thanks, by August De Luca

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