Cilck on the Quaker Logo to hear the rare audio,
for the Bewitched sponsor opening from the Third Season episode,
#101: "The Crone of Cawdor" - March 16, 1967

Quaker Oats Logo

strip one

A trumpet sounds it's horn... Anouncer: "The Quaker Oats Company Presents"... Logo dissolves into moon... the witch flies past the moon & the theme goes into full swing... with the apperance of the show's title ... the witch flies past again breaking up the title ... our favorite witch again appears ...

strip two

Samantha twitches her nose & pops into the kitchen... Darrin enters & upon kissing her she pops out...

strip three

...only to appear at his feet as a cat...She jumps into his arms & returns to her usual self... the tea kettle on the stove spews smoke... after the smoke clears we see Samantha feeding Tabatha...then we see Sam twitching up breakfast for Darrin.

strip four

After the smokey credits the announcer returns:
"Brought to you by: Aunt Jemima. The Frist Lady of Pancakes and now syrup."

Twitch or Treat Promo

At the end of episode #80: "Endora Moves in for a Spell", we hear Uncle Arthur and Endora make reference to the approach of Halloween. The following episode is #81: "Twitch or Treat". In the beginning of that episode Darrin makes mention of "houses appearing and reappearing" as they did in #80. As modern viewers of the show on television or video, we haven't been privileged to the promo for this now officially documented "Two Parter." Until now! This image was shown after the last scene of episode #80, with a voice over by Elizabeth Montgomery telling us about the upcoming episode. Click on the cartoon Samantha to hear the audio.

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