Click on the Ban spray can to hear this rare, Bewitched sponsor opening from a Sixth Season episode.

Ban Can

strip one

For the Sixth Season we don't yet hear an Announcer saying - "Elizabeth Montgomery in... Bewitched"...

strip two

... Just the familiar theme playing ...

strip threeBan animation

During the smokey credits which now include William Asher and David White, we then hear the announcer:
"Bewitched is brought to you by Ban Anti-Perspirant Spray.
Helps keep you feeling clean and dry."

Bewitched/ Brought to you by Ban
Click on the video capture to hear the Ban Promo that ran before the end credits.

Sixth Season End Credits
Download the audio to the Sixth Season End Credits
by clicking on the frame grab.

Thanks to Mark Simpson for discovering this Sponsor Opening!

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